Thursday, July 12, 2012

2nd MENU Part 1 & 2

Dearest Elephants,

Whooo, this heat! Well here's a menu that'll cool you like the backside of a pillow.

At our bonhomous table of ten, come dine on a DAMN good,
nonconformist and unpretentious five-course repast while glutting on our sweet freshly-prepared nectars,
in the company of pleasant gentry from all walks of life and milieus.


1) Elephantine Yaki Tori Squid on Bitchin Greens aside wilted sorrel

2) Gazpacho on the Rocks- Tomato Cucumber water with a cantaloupe ice-sphere 
and a side of avocado lemon greens

3) Bering Char over Elephantine vegetable Paella a la Yelper Scum, marinated grilled pineapple

4) Lou’ville Zabaione on Hellfire Bourbon Saturn Peaches and cherries

Drinks: Various Infused Sakes 

Libations galore

There is a strongly encouraged $20 donation for alcoholic libations per person (If you are drinking)

Playground RULES:

Dress in a presentable manner

No Kids – they scream; this is an adult venue, not for the faint of heart

Donation of $60 strongly encouraged (4-course meal, guys…c’mon) and a $20 donation for alcoholic beverages)

No Bullies

No Politics or Hanky-Panky during dinner

Don’t be a square or wear a “I Still Like Ike” shirt.

Have motherfucking fun, if you’re into it. If not, you probably own a “I Still Like Ike” shirt

Once food is off-table, there are no rules. Think Khyber pass or Ibiza circa ‘67


We fill seats by invite only. There are ten spots at our communal table every every Saturday.
or send a confirmation email to
Once RSVP's are submitted you will receive a confirmation email from us reserving your seat.
If all seats are filled, you will be given priority seating at the following dinner.

Menu's change Bi-weekly.

Be sure to let us know of any food allergies at least a day in advance of the dinner

With Pleasure!

Served: Saturday July 14th and Saturday July 21st , 2012
Arrival: 8 pm SHARP!
Seating: 8:30 pm SHARPER!
Festivities End: 2 am, no later
(well maybe later, depends how cute you are or how hard you plead)

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